Administrative information

Administrative course information is available here

The GitHub organization for this course is uit-inf-2202-f18

We use the mailing list to send important information. The link is to the list’s website; among other things it has an archive of old emails.

We have a Slack team. Join us and chat about the course and the assignments.

Please ruminate on this page about citation, plagiarism, &c. from the university. Norwegian only.

We have the following rooms and hours:

Refer to the lecture and mandatory assignment plan, and e-mails for which room is used when.


Lecture plan

Lecture Date Subject Lecturer
L1 TUE 21/8 Introduction LAB
L2 Thu 23/8 Threads and synchronization primitives; Parallel architectures (no slides) LAB
L3 MON 27/8 Parallel programming LAB
L4 Thu 6/9 Cloud services: Monitoring, data, and analytics (these are not publicly available) Jan-Ove Karlberg, Tor Kreutzer
L5 MON 10/9 Performance evaluation LAB
L6 Thu 20/9 Getting the most out of cloud service logs (these are not publicly available) Jan-Ove Karlberg, Tor Kreutzer
L7 Thu 27/9 Performance evaluation 2 LAB
- Thu 4/10 No lecture -
L8 Thu 11/10 Functional programming in F# Jonas Juselius
L9 FRI 12/10 Live coding in F#: example code in the Live-UiT-2018 branch Jonas Juselius
L10 Thu 18/10 Asynchronous Programming: Medium Dag Brattli
L11 MON 22/10 Reactive Programming: Medium Dag Brattli
L12 Thu 25/10 MVU, the Elm-achitecture and the Actor-model: slides example code Jonas Juselius
- Thu 1/11 No lecture -
L13 Thu 8/11 Guest lecture by GoFish Yngve Nyheim
L14 FRI 9/11 Summary lecture LAB
- Thu 15/11 No lecture -
Exam Wed 21/11 Exam -

Mandatory assignments

Project Start Due Subject Presenter
P1 Fri 24/8 Thu 6/9 Parallel programming using threads: repository and public zip MJ
P2 Thu 6/9 Thu 4/10 Azure Data Lake and techniques for working with cloud-scale datasets: repository and public zip MJ
P3 Fri 5/10 Tue 6/11 Reactive programming: repository and public zip Dag Brattli

Note that the repositories are only available to the students in the course, but the zip of the repository content is publicly available.

Mandatory readings

The learning goals for the course are listed here. There is no “pensum”, but you are expected to know what we did in:

  1. Lectures
  2. Mandatory assignments

More concretly: pensum is the organized part of the course, including lectures, mandatory assignments, and colloquium. In Norwegian: Pensum er den organiserte delen av undervisningen, inkludert forelesninger, laboratoriearbeid og seminarer (ref Forskrift for eksamener ved UiT §4).

The following are recommended readings:

  1. Modern operating systems, 3ed, Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Prentice Hall. 2007. Chapters: 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 10.3, 11.4. Or in another operating systems textbook the chapters about threading, IPC mechanisms, and classical IPC problems.
  2. Concurrency in .NET, Modern patterns of concurrent and parallel programming.
  3. Fable reaction workshop slides. Dag Brattli.
  4. Recommended readings listed in the mandatory assignments.
  5. Recommended readings suggested in the lecture notes.

Previous exams

Previous exams given in this course are here. The most relevant exams are from 2013, and 2015-2017.